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ANOTHER DAY ANOTHER MAN (1966) - Doris Wishman's Bad Girls w/ THE COLOR OF LOVE (1994) by Peggy Ahwesh

  • year. 1966 / 1994
  • country. USA
  • run-time. 1 hr. 21 min.
  • rating. 18

£5.00 (£3.50 conc.)

Doors 19:45 - Film 20:15

And on the second night of titillating teasing, lacy lingerie, and nonsensical b-roll, there was Doris Wishman's inimitable Another Day, Another Man. Again, Wishman pits her sound design against the legibility of her narrative, her penchant for legs and feet against her desire to show us the most mundane of flower pots. This screening will be accompanied by Peggy Ahwesh's short film, The Color of Love, a beautiful experiment in appropriating vintage smut films by enhancing their natural degradation through optical printing and fragmentation. Ahwesh's film provides a refreshing alternative context for watching the Wishman-esque not at once apparent in scholarship surrounding the famed director. 
Trigger warning for sexual violence.

Courtesy of Something Weird Videos and Electronic Arts Intermix

Other films included in this series are: Bad Girls Go to Hell (accompanied by George Kuchar's Movie Memo) and Indecent Desires.