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BAD LIEUTENANT (1992) - 'Not Guilty' Director Taster: Abel Ferrara

  • year. 1992
  • country. USA
  • run-time. 1h 36min
  • rating. 18

£5.00 (£3.50 conc.)

Doors 17:45 - Film 18:15

He has survived on the streets for twenty years. He’s a gambler, a thief, a junkie, a killer and a cop. Now he’s investigating the most shocking case of his life, and as he moves closer to the truth his self-destructive past is closing in.

In a career-defining role, Harvey Keitel gives a searing performance as an out of control police detective on a collision course with disaster, desperate to find the depths of human sin and the power of mercy in Abel Ferrara’s brilliant and deeply disturbing melodrama.

Starring: Harvey Keitel, Victor Argo, Paul Calderón, LeonardThomas, Robin Burrows, Frankie Thorn, Victoria Bastel, Paul Hipp

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