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  • dir.  Liliana Cavani
  • Year. 1974
  • country. Italy
  • run-time. 118 mins
  • rating. 18

£6.00 (£4.50 conc.)

Doors 19:30 - Film 20:00

Deptford Cinema continues the S&M season with:

The Night Porter

The psychology of a sadomasochistic relationship between a former Nazi storm trooper and the concentration camp prisoner he loved provides the basis of this provocative, at times sexually and violently graphic drama.

The story is set in the late '50s at a Viennese hotel that is owned by and plays host to former Nazis who get their kicks at the sadistic hands of the hotel porter, the ex-trooper. Most of them are facing trials for their war crimes, and all of them have taken care to get rid of any possible witnesses to their atrocities. The trooper too feels safe. His illusion is shattered when a woman and her husband check into the hotel and he recognizes her as the woman with whom he had a very kinky relationship in the concentration camp. They soon rekindle their painful relationship and episodes from their past and present are graphically depicted. They remain heedless of the attempts of the other guests to stop their twisted affair.

Stars: Dirk Bogarde, Charlotte Rampling, Philippe Leroy.

Morbidly fascinating work, choreographed from within a vacuum devoid of feeling and retribution, and spearheaded by a director who must find some sadistic pleasure in being such an exacting provocateur
— Cinemaphile