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THE HEADLESS WOMAN (2008) - Latin American Cinema

  • dir. Lucrecia Martel
  • year. 2008
  • country. Argentina
  • run-time. 87 mins
  • rating. 12

£5.00 (£3.50 conc.)

A bourgeois middle-aged dentist named Veronica (MARIA ONETTO) drives alone on a dirt road, becomes distracted, and runs over something. Immediately she becomes disoriented, unmoored from her identity and reality, like a sleepwalker who's actually awake.

At first she thinks it was a dog, but as the weeks go on, she becomes obsessed with the possibility that she may have killed someone: a young boy whose body is found in a roadside canal.

Veronica tries to piece together what happened while her family systematically erases any trace of the accident. The mystery of what happened, or what is imagined to have happened, has intrigued audiences and critics alike.

I adored this of the films of the year. A masterly, disturbing and deeply mysterious film
— Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian
An astounding portrait of a person entirely out of sync with her own existence
— Time Out New York