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Doors Open 3:30PM

Screenings 4:00PM

Tickets £4 (£3 conc)

 Deptford Film Festival is a bi-monthly international film festival based in Deptford South London, at the community cinema Deptford Cinema. The festival aims to provide a platform for all types of short form film, with a nominated genre for every event to rotate annually. This season is sci-fi shorts from a number of different sub-genres. The screening will be followed by a Q&A along with the chance to network and meet the filmmakers.

Please note that although not classified, many of the films will only be suitable for adults. Films will be screening in alphabetical order.


Planet - Bill Sebastian

United States, 10 minutes 28 seconds

A husband buys his wife a planet for their anniversary. Five years later, they find the national space agency at their door.


Stella Erratica - Ben Barton

United Kingdom , 9 minutes 25 seconds

Alone on a desolate planet. Or is he?  This experimental lo-fi sci-fi, shot on super 8 film, charts a voyage through space to another world. Although the monsters may lie much closer to home... 


Cruel Master - Lefteris Parasyris

United Kingdom, 5 minutes

In the -not so distant- future, two young women discover that they have been part of a scientific experiment that turns them into the same exact person. 


WOMXN - Adrien Gystere Peskine

France, 5 minutes

Jane Dark lives and studies in the Noir-Et-Cher 
Whenever her community is harassed by Europe Normale Police. She turns into the super shero WOMXN helped by her mate: a womanoïd Dolphin in a spaceship called the KORA Mother

Beyond the Stars - Hans Lietz

Germany, 14 minutes 56 seconds

Sofie lives a normal life, but some nightmares occure. When she wakes up she finds herself confronted with former friends and family on a spacestation only to find out she's been living in a simulation wich was part of an experiment of an AI she build.



Awake - Javan Ng  

United Kingdom , 14 minutes 4 seconds

(A glimpse of the spiritual collective subconscious) where a teenage boy is compelled by the universe to move forward from his past.


Green Zone - Mehmet Kanadli 

Turkey, 7 minutes 23 seconds

A dystopian future-world where entry into forests is strictly prohibited except to those lucky winners of the weekly draw. But are they really as lucky as they seem?


The Redhead - Natalie MacMahon

Germany, 9 minutes 56 seconds

When meeting a mysterious redhead in a seductive virtual reality game world, it soon becomes impossible for Aven to distinguish between fantasy and reality.


Proto - Nick Pittom

United Kingdom, 15 minutes

Proto is a sci-fi action adventure about a child-like, experimental robot, set in the robotics lab where he has been built. Although PROTO has been made to fulfil the ambitions of his creator, Prof. Andrews, he learns to find his own dreams and ambitions, and the strength needed to realise them