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THE SEEN AND UNSEEN/SEKALA NISKALA (2017) - Films of the Archipelago

films of the archipelago curated by Hannah Al Rashid.jpg
  • dir. Kamila Andini

  • year. 2017

  • country. Indonesia

  • run-time. 83 minutes

Doors 19:00 - Film 19:30

£6.00 (£4.50 conc.)

10 year old Tantri realises she will not have much more time with her twin brother Tantra. Tantra is dying and  has begun to lose his senses one by one. He now spends most of his time bedridden, while Tantri has to accept the reality that she must soon face life alone. However an new form of communication begins between the two siblings, as Tantri starts to dream about Tantra. The night becomes their playground as they continue their lives together but on a spiritual plane. Tantri experiences a magical journey, finding herself between reality and imagination, loss and hope. 

Curated by Hannah Al Rashid.