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OUR NEW PRESIDENT (2018) - Presented by Wavelength


Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, Our New President is a plunge into the fake news rabbit hole. A satire of the Russian media's response to American politics, this film from Maxim Pozdorovkin (Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer) moves from Kremlin-controlled network news to everyday Russians' self-made YouTube reinterpretations of the headlines. Looking at how Putin’s media apparatus covered the rise of Donald Trump, Our New President exposes the roots of the 2016 fake news cycle, exploring an alternate universe of misinformation. Inventively editing clips that range from the absurd to the sinister, Our New President is an eye-popping portrait of modern-day propaganda and its insidious global dissemination: the truth about fake news.  

Presented by Wavelength


Twitter: @wavelengthdocs

Special offer: make your own double bill and buy a joint ticket with National Narrative (showing at 7.15pm) for a discounted price - £10.85/£8.85 concessions. Single Tickets: £6/4.50 concessions.

  • dir. Maxim Pozdorovkin 

  • year. 2018

  • country. RUSSIA

  • run-time. 77min

£6.00 (£4.50 conc.)

Doors 8PM

Film 8.35PM

Audaciously assembled... fascinating and necessary... Pozdorovkin is to be congratulated
— The Guardian
A horror movie and an ambitious art film... a peek into the manufactured reality running unchecked on the internet
— Little White Lies
A heady lesson... enough to make you wonder, for a moment, where the fake news ends and the truth begins
— Variety
A thrilling, scary, mind-bending, and often-hilarious story... what happens when the news is more bizarre than fiction?
— Film Comment