THE CRYING GAME (1992) 25th Anniversary Screening + intro/Q&A with editor Kant Pan

  • dir. Neil Jordan
  • year. 1991
  • country. UK
  • run-time. 120 mins
  • rating. 18

£5 (£3.50 concs.)

Neil Jordan's hugely successful, Oscar-winning psychological thriller reaches its 25th anniversary this year, and we will be screening the new BFI bluray restoration of this taboo-busting cult hit. Jordan's script took home the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay, with nominations also given to the film for Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role, Best Actor in a Supporting Role, Best Director and Best Film Editing.

Set during the politically-charged 'Troubles' when the Good Friday Agreement that brought peace to Northern Ireland was still years away, a British soldier Jody (Forest Whitaker) is kidnapped for ransom by the IRA. He strikes up an unlikely friendship with his soft-spoken captor, Fergus (Stephen Rea). But when the ransom ends in chaos, Fergus flees to London where he becomes embroiled in a unexpected love triangle with Dil (Jaye Davidson), Jody’s beautiful and mysterious girlfriend.

What has so far presented itself to viewers as a gritty political thriller then, gradually, becomes something much more; a guilt-tinged love story that, at the time, challenged mainstream sexual stereotypes and ideas of gender and identity.

We are delighted to welcome the film's editor Kant Pan who will introduce the film and discuss it with the audience.