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GET CARTER (1971) - British Gangster

  • dir. MIKE HODGES
  • year. 1971
  • country. UK
  • run-time. 112min
  • rating. 18

£5.00 (£3.50 conc.)

Doors 7:00PM - Film 7:30PM

Jack Carter (Michael Caine), a vicious London gangster goes against his boss’s orders and travels to Newcastle to investigate the death of his brother. With icy efficiency, he begins to unravel the circumstances behind his brother’s death, despite repeated attempts to force him to return to London. Upon discovery of the truth he launches a bloody and seemingly unstoppable campaign of revenge.

As well as featuring perhaps Michael Caine's most iconic performance, the film also partly captures a period in Newcastle's social history, with the local community providing the backdrop for many of the film's scenes in the pubs, nightclubs and terraced houses that were soon to disappear. Roy Budd’s classic jazz funk theme music is another highlight, providing the film with a soundtrack of uneasy, inner-city cool.