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Tickets: £10


A showcase of seven brilliant short films celebrating the diversity and talent of independent up-and-coming directors and filmmakers.

This event is organised as a fundraiser to produce a full-length debut film by the curator, 16 year old Mykea Perry, in South East London

Shorts include:

1917 by Mykea Perry (13 mins)
Showing the effects of trench warfare during the First World War, this short follows the lives of three young men, Sam, Jay and Smithy, over the course of two days.

Recreating Lost Love by Mykea Perry (11 mins)
A story of loss, love and sister hood taking place through a new and strange medium.

Forgive by Laith Sami (10 mins)
A dying woman reveals to her husband that their beloved only child is a product of a past affair. Forgive is a story that explores the theme of all-consuming loss in the wake of a devastating revelation. Can a father’s love endure such a betrayal? 

Rage by Michael Van Der Put (10 mins)
The film uses five-a-side football as a backdrop to explore the anger that can lie at the heart of political apathy.

Infinite by Jamie (16 mins)
In his last months alive, a young man calls upon his four closest friends to make his existence infinite, through the assembly of five key elements from his life. Infinite is the story of male friendship and the pacts we make to look out for each other.

Corinthian by Mark A C Brown (5 mins)
Corinthian is a hard hitting drama where two people fight for more than glory in the underground world of bare knuckle boxing

Film On Film by Don Shades (5 mins)
An experimental documentary delving into the art of photography

Crime by Doug Dollins (20 mins)
A suspenseful tale of crime, deceit and morality taking place in a police station.

Tickets: £10