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KING OF NEW YORK (1990) - 'Not Guilty' Director Taster: Abel Ferrara

  • year. 1990
  • country. ITALY, USA & UK
  • run-time. 1h 43min
  • rating. 18

£5.00 (£3.50 conc.)

Doors 19:00 - Film 19:30

Not everyone who runs a city is elected...

Fresh out of prison and back on the streets of New York, drug kingpin Frank White returns to his old patch, vowing to use his position and criminal enterprise for charitable means. However, a core group of police officers are determined to go to war with White and bring down his gang whatever the cost. As the murder count rises and corrupt cops close in, White’s crazed mix of criminal psychosis and heartfelt charity threatens to tear apart everything he’s fought so hard to build.

Starring: Christopher Walken, David Caruso, Larry Fishburne, Victor Argo, Wesley Snipes, Janet Julian

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