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52 TUESDAYS (2014) - DCQ

  • dir. SOPHIE HYDE
  • year. 2014
  • country. AUSTRALIA
  • run-time. 1h 54min
  • rating. 15

£5.00 (£3.50 conc.)

Doors 19:30 - Film 20:00


From our ongoing series of LGBTQ cinema.

Filmed once a week, every week, for a year, the unique filmmaking rules of 52 Tuesdays bring a rare authenticity to this story of desire and responsibility.

Billie’s journey to independence starts with the news that her mum is going to live his life as a man. Although Billie is asked to move in with her father, they decide that every Tuesday will be a sacred space between the two of them.

Taking advantage of her new found freedom, Billie begins to secretly experiment with two older school friends on the one thing she can’t work out – sex. Both Billie and her parent soon realise that without being totally transparent they will not be able to get what they need.

Winning Best Director at Sundance and the Crystal Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival and shot in real time, every Tuesday, every week for one year – exposing both characters’ transformations – 52 Tuesdays is a ground-breaking and remarkable new film.