How does Deptford Cinema work?

  • Deptford Cinema is a not-for-profit volunteer and community run organisation. The structure is non-hierarchical, with no one person in charge. All decisions are made through consensus decision making by volunteers, at our public meetings held every Sunday at 11am, and everyone is welcome to attend, ask questions, and have their say. The cinema survives because of the passion and hard work of all the volunteers involved.


What does being a volunteer at Deptford Cinema involve?

  • Whatever you want really. Deptford Cinema is a business as well as an artistic project and as such there are a multitude of tasks and roles that you could help with. Below are the main ongoing areas in which people can get involved; sometimes specialised working groups break off to target a defined project like a funding application, or to develop a season of films and events across a number of weeks. Many people find that once they find their feet, they are involved across several of these areas too.


  • Front of House Volunteering

    • The simplest and easiest way to lend a hand, and the fastest way to get to know how the cinema works, staffing an event involves helping behind the bar, minding the door list and selling tickets, or operating the screening booth. The person running the event provides training on site, and usually needs at least two helpers for things to run smoothly. Once the screening has gone up, there is plenty of opportunity to sit in and watch the film.
  • Programming

    • Depford Cinema's film programme is as open and varied as the volunteers that want to get involved. There are many free nights on the calendar, and we have structures and guidelines to help you properly build your event, and the support and guidance of a network of experienced programmers. The diversity and creativity of our programming team is at the heart of making our award winning programme so great: deciding films, planning seasons, and keeping our calendar full of interesting events that compliment or enhance the film content.
  • Publicity & Outreach

    • Working on the cinema wide publicity, event promotion and general outreach into the community to raise awareness of the project. Social media, design, chat; the volunteers involved in publicity and outreach are continually trying to improve how we communicate externally.
  • Fundraising

    • The cinema has no formal day-to-day funding and relies on attendance at screenings and events. We are always on the lookout for funding opportunities whether that be for a season of films to cover costs or a grant to help us with the continued building. If you are good at tracking down funding opportunities and writing applications, the cinema could really benefit from your help.
  • Building

    • Deptford Cinema is a work in progress and as such we regularly hold building sessions to improve the look and functionality of the space. Experienced carpenters are valued as much as spare pairs of hands, so jump in! Our building bees are social, skill-sharing, and super fun.
  • Admin

    • As an ongoing not-for profit business, Deptford Cinema is always on the look out for those with the eye for finer details. Whether it's an hour here and there or a regular weekly task, we are always on the look out for people with the experience of the willingness to contribute to our reporting, finance administration, and bar stock management.



i want to get involved in a particular area but i don’t think i have the necessary skills?

  • Then volunteering is a perfect opportunity to learn something. The extra pair of hands will be more than welcome! There will always be somebody who knows what they are doing who can pass on their skills. An important part of being a volunteer at Deptford Cinema is skill-sharing, getting involved will mean there are a multitude of opportunities to learn things as varied as graphic design to plastering.


How much time would I need to devote to volunteering?

  • As much or as little as you want. Help out where you can, there’s no formal volunteering hours you need to cover.


Is it fun?

  • Yes.


Are the other volunteers nice?

  • Yes.


I want to get involved, where do I start?

  • If you are free on a Sunday morning at 11am, then pop in to our public meeting, you’ll be able to get a better feel for how the project runs and speak with existing volunteers. There will be plenty of free tea and coffee flowing, if you can bring some biscuits.