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The Thing (1982) - John Carpenter: A Restoration Retrospective

The thing still 1.jpg

With unforgettable movies like Escape from New York, The Thing, They Live, Halloween and Assault on Precint 13 in his filmography, John Carpenter’s legacy as a supreme writer-director of genre cinema - and being a pretty mean synth score composer as well-  is secure. The huge success of last year's Halloween, a direct sequel to his original genre-defining 1978 slasher, and which he executive produced and scored, only confirms how potent his cinematic creations remain. This year sees Deptford Cinema honour the master of cult cinema with a retrospective of his finest films, and included in the line up will be the recent remastered editions of Dark Star, The Fog, The Thing, Escape From New York, Big Trouble in Little China and They Live! 


In John Carpenter's The Thing, a classic alien horror story meets superb (and stomach-churning) live-action production design from make up and prosthetic effects maestro Rob Bottin, a charismatic turn from Carpenter collaborator Kurt Russell, and a hauntingly bleak sub-zero setting. The result: one of the most celebrated horror and sci-fi films of all time. Terror has no shape. Trapped with a shapeshifting alien out in the wintry wastelands of the Antarctic, a team of US researchers struggle to defend themselves against both the creature and their own raging paranoia. But how can you isolate and destroy an enemy that is a perfect imitation...of you? Playing from the new Arrow Films 4K restoration bluray.

  • dir. John Carpenter

  • year. 1982

  • 109 min

£6.00 (£4.50 conc.)

Doors 7PM

Film 7.30PM