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THE CITY BELOW (Unter dir die Stadt) (2010) - cinema / cities - crisis

CCC Frank.png
  • dir. Christoph Hochhäusler
  • year. 2010
  • country. Germany
  • run-time. 110 mins
  • age restriction. 18

Tickets: £3.50

Film 5:30PM

Svenja Steve, the wife of an ambitious investment banker, gets entangled in an affair with her husband’s boss. To facilitate the affair, Oliver Steve is cleared out of the way and “promoted” to a position in Jakarta. Passion in the midst of the world of power and money precipitates a crisis.

Our cinema/cities strand will feature films were the city is central to the form and narrative of the film, whether that be through its architecture, the public and private urban spaces within them or the conditions in which the protagonists are forced to operate under. 

We will explore film used as an art form of the urban through short thematic seasons, set in Frankfurt am Main, the German financial capital, The City Below is the first film in a series loosely themed around "Crisis".

This screening is in collaboration with the Goethe Institut London, and is also part of ongoing season of German films at Deptford Cinema.