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CHALLENGING PERCEPTIONS [7of 8]: Symbiotic Earth

Symbiotic Earth explores the life and ideas of Lynn Margulis, a brilliant, radical scientist, whose unconventional ideas challenged the male-dominated scientific community and are today changing how we look at our selves, evolution, and the environment.


Filmmaker John Feldman traveled globally to meet Margulis’ cutting-edge colleagues and continually asked: What happens when the truth changes? Symbiotic Earth examines the worldview that has led to climate change and extreme capitalism and offers a new approach to understanding life that encourages a sustainable and symbiotic lifestyle.


Symbiotic Earth is divided into 10 essays and an epilogue:

  1. How Lynn Margulis Coerced Me Into Making This Film
  2. How Science Gave Us Permission to Exploit the Earth
  3. Confronting the Neo-Darwinian Capitalistic Zeitgeist (aka: How Science Gave Us Permission to Exploit Each Other)
  4. Lynn Margulis’ Lifelong Quest
  5. Working Together (aka: How Did She Do it All?)
  6. Bacteria Run the Planet
  7. Symbiosis is the Way of Life
  8. The Cell (not DNA) Controls the Organism
  9. Evolution Through Mergers
  10. Gaia: A Physiological System on the Surface of the Earth