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SHORT FILM NIGHT - presented with Studio Holder





  • Director: Various
  • Year : Various
  • Country: Various
  • run-time. 125 mins
  • rating. Suggested Rating 15
  • £3.00

Doors Open 1.30pm
Programme Start 2pm
Online booking highly recommended

In collaboration with Studio Holder, a fast-growing independent production & distribution company with championing young people's work, Deptford Cinema presents a Short Film Night featuring a number of exciting and emerging artists, including previews of current 'in-festival' releases such as surrealist horror-thriller A Live Broadcast directed by Mario A.L. and coming-of-age web series Fair Trade directed by Melody Ho.

About Studio Holder

Studio Holder acts as an incubator for a wide variety of film, art, collaborative and emerging media practices. The Studio, which has informally existed for a few years, was established in 2018. Their films have screened at almost 50 film festivals, including the BAFTA Qualifying LSFF, Manchester International Film Festival and various European & North American Festivals. They are committed to working directly with any individual to help their project grow, understanding the film's place within a global short & feature-film entertainment  scene and recognising their unique commitment by showcasing their work regularly to live audiences and online.

See their website here

Tonight's Programme [All Ticket Income go towards the continual support and upkeep of Deptford Cinema - :-)]

ITS NOT ME [4 mins] - Directed by Vojta Stanek - Sara is being forced to practice her crude father's religion and becomes further integrated into his faith, alienated from her friends and classmates - Is there a way to escape?

BRIAN [7 mins] - Directed by Amir Ibrahim - A surreal comedy about a girl who moves next door to an outlandish man.

MAGGIE'S FARM [8 mins] - Directed by Alexandros Mattei & Patrik Krivanek - Maggie's gone. Her son Dave and husband James are left to decide what to do with the family farm, but they don't see eye to eye.

SUNSHINE [9 mins] - Directed by Patrik Krivanek - "Here, I think, I found the purpose I'd been looking for..." "Here" means for Katka H. the streets of sacred Indian city - Varanasi. There she has decided to stay, in a place of different flavors, colors, religions to pass one of the most precious thing - the knowledge. With the hope to make a better life for her students.

SPECIAL DELIVERY [9 mins] - Directed by Giulia Gandini - Special Delivery is a character-driven drama about a broke university student who nonchalantly delivers cocaine for a London restaurant in disguise, until he meets an unexpected first time customer: a street smart 13-year-old kid.

A LIVE BROADCAST [12 mins] - Directed by Mario A. L., a Westminster Film School / Studio Holder production - Gareth Holland, the young charismatic presenter of a dreadful shopping channel show goes through a rough day of shooting, when he is notified by the show's producer of a request by the show's sponsors to finally meet him.

BASED ON A TRUE STORY [16 mins] - Directed by Jack & Gabriel Whitehead - This short, conceived and directed by twins Jack and Gabriel Whitehead, follows the story of
Henri and Verity, “two amateur photographers who chance upon a competition to take a photo of ‘The Truth’”. A discussion of art and pretension, it “delves deep into the world of aesthetics, celebrating all that is unknown and subjective, in a world where the line between fact and fiction is increasingly blurred”.

FAIR TRADE [60 mins] - Directed by Melody Ho, a Studio Holder release - The struggles of a girl with autism, a sexually confused lesbian and an aspiring artist/psychologist dealing with modern dating and adult problems.