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  • total run-time. 97 mins

  • rating. 15

  • £6 / 4.50 conc.

Doors Open 6.30pm
Programme Start 7pm
Online booking highly recommended

 Deptford Cinema is proud to showcase some of the best work from this year's Slow Short Film Festival!

The second annual Slow Short Film Festival takes place in Mayfield on the 1st of September 2018.

The festival features 8 films from Taiwan, Portugal, USA, North Korea, Israel, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Cambodia. Slow film provides the perfect antidote to fast-paced modern life. The experimental style is contemplative and inclusive and aims to shed light on forgotten peoples and societies.

This October 6th Londoners have the chance to see these four incredible films from the selection.


Double Reflection - Wang Chun Hong / Taiwan / 40min.

Wang confronts his youth. Life is boring and seems to be endless. The only thing he can do is survive each day. On New Year's Eve, he briefly returns to his senses while watching fireworks burst. During these vanishing moments he most strongly feels his own existence.

FID Marseille 2018 Official Selection.


High Cities of Bone - João Salaviza / Portugal / 19min.

Karlon, born in Pedreira dos Húngaros (a slum in the outskirts of Lisbon) and a pioneer of Cape Verdean creole rap, runs away from the housing project to which he had been relocated. Nights of vigil are spent under a sweltering tropical heat. Among the sugarcanes, a murmur is heard. Karlon hasn't stopped singing.

Berlinale Shorts Competition 2018. SSFF Jury Prize Winner.


How do you thirst? - Joshua Gleason / USA / 23min.

Set amid a growing water crisis, a lonely Japanese woman living abroad takes in a stranger whom she finds passed out in the stairwell of her apartment complex. She patiently waits for the young man to wake, hoping someone can quench her unbearable thirst.


90 Seconds in North Korea - Ranko Pauković / Netherlands / 15min.

Lovers riding through bicycles in the forest, school children crossing the street, men playing football on the beach, women playing in the shallows with inflatable toys, a father carrying his young child. This is the other side of North Korean life, a world away from the army parades, paranoid leader, oppression and fear.

Sheffield Doc/Fest 2018.