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PEACE (2010) - Kazuhiro Soda Season


A contemplation of life, death and co-existence through following the daily lives of people and cats in Okayama city, Japan.

A former school headmaster who runs an affordable taxi service for the disabled and elderly feeds a group of stray cats that a cat outside the group is trying to join. His wife, who dislikes her husband's cat-feeding, runs a non-profit organisation that sends helpers to the homes of those who are infirm, despite facing budget cuts. In a small mice and flea-infested apartment, a 91 year-old former soldier spends his final days reflecting on his own mortality.

A quietly moving, essay-like observational documentary, Peace explores the ideas of acceptance and co-existence behind its title, not as a form of reluctant tolerance, but as a concept at the core of what it is to be human.

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  • dir. Kazuhiro Soda

  • year: 2010

  • country: Japan

  • run-time: 75 minutes

Doors 15:30

Film 16:00

£6.00 (£4.50 conc.)

Surprisingly intense in its leisurely unfolding... doc proceeds in a continuous flow that appears effortless, seguing from person to person and cat to cat with perfect equanimity
— Variety
Providing moments of drama all the more powerful for emerging unmediated, rather than from a question sheet... Peace shows us that its title is a possible dream
— Japan Times