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SAVE THE GREEN PLANET (2003) - Korean Classics: 2003-2006

  • YEAR. 2003
  • RUN-TIME.118  MINS
  • RATING. 18

Doors - 6.30pm

Film - 7pm

    Byung-Gu is an ordinary young man who believes all the earth's social ills are the evil doings of aliens. It's why he knows that unless he can meet the prince of Andromeda before the total lunar eclipse, planet earth will be in grave danger. But to meet the prince, he must first find an extraterrestrial being on earth. Which is where a battle begins between Byung-Gu and chemical company CEO Kang Man-Shik. Can Byung-Gu save the world? 

    Also showing as part of this season: Oldboy, A Tale of Two Sisters, Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring, Woman is the Future of Man, The Host


    A dark comedy which takes pain and madness seriously... oscillates between wild humour, suspense, horror and pathos, sometimes all in one shot. It’s quite something
    — Time Out
    Demented mind games as entertaining as they’re inventive
    — Empire
    Provides the blueprints, if not the perfect synthesis, for a disturbingly relevant representation of our headed-over-the-cliff times
    — IndieWire
    A bizarre Korean sci-fi movie that’s so inventively demented, it’s hard to dislike
    — The Guardian