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QueerBee Fest - Fantasy

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Fantasies are the activity of imagining impossible or improbable things. Through these we can explore our identities and imagine a different world.

- Films -

Director: Hilda Schmelling USA 2016 | 12 minutes

A bored vintage shopkeeper inserts her unwitting customers into a series of escalating fantasies -until she finally decides to do something about it.


Director: Shwenn Shunya Chang USA 2017 | 41⁄2 minutes

A poetic animation about searching for an unexpired romance, a mélange of sexy fantasy and innocent love.


Director: Diana Cignoni USA 2017 | 18 minutes

Lulu is a modern day fable exploring first love, gender & sexual identity in a thoroughly unique way. To inhabit Lulu's world is to enter the Alice in wonderland rabbit hole and discover that nothing is as it seems. In memory of German Playwright Frank Wedekind's 100th Death Anniversary March 9, 2018.


Directors: Jac Nunns and Angie West
UK 2015 | 9 minutes

Key cast: Lorraine Chase, Cousin Alice, Emma Sylvester, Anna Alfieri, Jessica Jay

A queer reimagined fairy tale.


Director: Paula Durette USA 2003 | 4 minutes

A scientific presentation about how lesbians and gay men can exist in harmony on the dance floor.


Director: Krissy Mahan USA 2017 | 6 1⁄2 minutes

A parody of Todd Haynes' 2015 film "Carol." With references to Haynes' own "Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story," this playful short, starring Fisher-Price toy figures, presents a hilarious perspective left otherwise unexamined.


Director: Francesco Cocco Spain 2016 | 15 minutes

Key cast: Jesus Andes, Rosa Álvarez, Giovanna Torres Arteche

An important call requires Vicente to face an unresolved issue.
Spanish with English subtitles


Director: Deborah Espect UK 2017 | 8 minutes

Key cast: Veronica Jean Trickett

Vic is a popular lesbian character in a hit television series. When the Executives in charge of the show gather to decide her fate, she finds herself having to fight for her survival.

£6.00 (£4.50 conc.)

Doors 3PM

Film 3.30PM

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