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PALMS (1993)

  • dir. Artur Aristakisyan
  • year. 1993
  • country. Russia
  • run-time. 139 mins
  • rating. PG

£6.00 (£4.50 conc.)

Film 6:00PM

I would like the film to answer the need for community - to show how people are tied together, sometimes paradoxically
— Artur Aristakisyan

Palms is Aristakisyan's astonishing portrait of people who live on the margins of life and exist outside normal society. Profound, spiritual and hallucinatory, Palms is remarkable at every level and one of the most visionary films of recent years.
Narrated by the director addressing his unborn son, the film is compassionate, revelatory and bold in its originality and was awarded the NIKA (Russian Oscar) for Best Documentary in 1994.

Palms had a critically acclaimed cinema release in the UK in 1998, and was released for the first time on DVD by Second Run in 2007 allowing many more film enthusiasts a chance to experience this remarkable work of art. Deptford Cinema is presenting this screening as part of the Scalarama festival of film clubs and societies.

Deptford Cinema is proud to be taking part in Scalarama. This annual celebration sees September transform into a month of amazing films, screened in various locations and by all different types of people – from established picture palaces to newbies, completely new to screening films. Scalarama is by everyone, for everyone, everywhere, with DIY in its veins.

inspiring, for Aristakisyan has fashioned a transcendent vision of light, a parable, a manifesto, a desperate poetic paen to these invisible people, and to the dramatic density of their lives
— Sight & Sound
Comparisons have been made with Tarkovsky and Pasolini, but Aristakisyan deserves to be regarded as an uniquely individual filmmaker
— Empire
A wholly remarkable experience
— The Guardian