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FREE ENTRY (donations welcome) but please book your seat!

  • dir. PETER BACH
  • year. 2016
  • country. UK
  • run-time. 1h
  • rating. 15

Doors 19:30 - Film 20:00

DEPTFORD CINEMA presents a free screening of "Sell Off " a hard hitting documentary that tells the disturbing story about how the NHS is being abolished and replaced by something akin to the US insurance-based system. 

The NHS has been quietly transformed into a business ready for corporate takeover and conversion to the American private insurance model. In 'Sell-Off', filmmaker Peter Bach exposes the two decade covert privatisation which has occurred without public mandate and against the public interest.

After the screening there will be an audience discussion.

ADMISSION FREE but please BOOK your seats in advance. If you can please donate towards the running of Deptford Cinema, a non-profit volunteer run cinema.

John Pilger Award-winning Journalist, Filmmaker

John Pilger
Award-winning Journalist, Filmmaker

"Once judged as the finest, most cost efficient health service in the world, the NHS is now in mortal danger – due to ruthless government privatisation plans. Are the British people fully aware of this? Or have they been sidetracked by the propaganda of so-called austerity. A group of doctors and health care professionals are dedicated to getting the truth out. "