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Milos Forman - Black Peter/Cerny Peter

  • dir. Milos Forman
  • Year. 1964
  • country. CzechoSlovakia
  • run-time. 85 mins
  • rating. 15

£6.00 (£4.50 conc.)

Doors 17:30 - Film 18:00

Deptford Cinema and Czech Centre would like to present one of the first films of Milos Forman. 

Peter is a 16 year old trainee at a supermarket, who has to look out for shoplifters when he would rather lie by the pool and look out for girls. Peter starts having problems at work when he doesn’t stop a suspicious looking customer. At home, his pedantic father constantly lectures him, and his girlfriend starts paying a lot of attention to another male friend.

The film “Black Peter” captures the essence of an ordinary summer in a small Czech town in the early sixties. This is accomplished with the help of non-actors and Jan Nemeček’s poetic camera. With this film, Forman also expresses the feelings of arising rebellions among the youth in the eastern bloc just a few years before the beginning of The Prague Spring.

Black Peter won first prize at the 1964 Locarno film festival where it beat some of the greatest directors of its time like Jean-Luc Godard’s “Contempt” and Michelangelo Antonioni’s “Red Desert”.

The actor Vladimír Pucholt stands out as Čenda, a constantly boasting trainee bricklayer trainee whose loud “Ahooy” quickly became a familiar catchphrase in Czechoslovakia and still remains popular.

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