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This event is a collection of works spanning performance, film, painting and more donated by artists who have come forth in solidarity with Mexico. The event will take place throughout the evening of Feb 16th at Deptford Cinema.

The event will support a group of people who have lost their homes in Mexico due to the Central Mexico Earthquake that happened September 19th 2017. The earthquake struck in the Mexican states of Puebla, Morelos and in the Greater Mexico City, leading to a major collapse of more than 60 buildings and causing 370 deaths, more than 6,000 injuries and leaving 250,000 people without homes.

The money collected will be redirected to aid the families of low income, multi-family buildings that fell down in Tlalpan Avenue, Mexico City. Currently, the families are still living in tents outside the collapsed of the buildings, surviving winter without a home and having to endure the memory of the earthquake due to governmental negligence. The money will go to aid the families to the betterments of their living conditions, particularly aimed at improving their hygiene conditions. Depending on the amount collected one of three plans will move forward.

Plan One (Low Range): The money will be given to a family of 8 women who had to evacuate their home, leaving them to live in a park outside the collapsed building. Their current state of living is completely precarious and the money will be invested in securing their living area and aiding them in whatever may be needed within our capacity.

Plan Two (Medium Range): The camps currently have improvised toilets shared by eighty people. The conditions of these toilets are less than optimum. The money collected will be used to secure a good functioning of the facilities and a cleaning service that will pass through the camp in the dates arranged with the community. This plan is aimed at ensuring that the community has a dignified space to take a dump and prevent any diseases that could arise from this precarious state. The span of this support is projected to be from 4 to 6 months, releasing the community from this preoccupation.

Plan Three (High Range): The community at the multi-family camp currently have no way of showering. To do so the families are renting out hotel rooms weekly and having to spend their own money to do so. This project is aimed at constructing a space for the camp to have showers and the drafting of a plan to integrate internal resources so the amount invested in hygiene is decreased in total or, in the case the community prefers, supporting the rent of these hotel rooms.

Astra Forward & Emi Mundy, Oli Haylett &Svenja Bühl, Daniel Tebano, Noe Iwai, 'Bloom – 再生 Saisei ', Huijun Lu, Annie Elliott, Video poem 'If I was a Willow Tree', Shunsaku Hayashi, Slamdance 2018 Grand Prize Winner Short Film 'Intersticial', Mattina Hiwaizi, 'dog_dog_(love_u)'

Astra Forward, Chae Lee, Saffron Mustafa, Francesca Tesei, Tamara Yaz, Naushin Thomson, Francisco Zhan, Cora Ellis, Mattina Hiwaizi, Violeta Paez & Rosie Dowd-Smyth, Chris Calderwood, Jimena Garcia Alvarez, Itzel Sanclemente, Beatriz Creel, Ben Wegert

More artists to be confirmed.