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The Films of Louise Marie Cooke - DC Season Poster.jpg
  • dir. Louise Marie Cooke

  • year. Various

  • country. UK

  • run-time. (21/09) 84” | (22/09) 84” + 30 min Q&A

  • rating. Various

£6.00 (£4.50 conc.)

Doors: 1.30pm
Screening: 2.00pm

Deptford Cinema, in association with Freyja Films, presents The Films of Louise Marie Cooke: A Retrospective (So Far). This micro-season on the films of Louise (so far) aims to characterise her trajectory from an emerging Writer/Director to the established and unique voice that she is in independent cinema today. Louise is currently developing her debut feature film Isobel based on Film London backed short Breathe and a supernatural queer web-series.

At surface level, one might compare Cooke’s career trajectory to that of French filmmaker Lea Mysius (AVA, Thunderbirds, The Yellow Island), whom Deptford Cinema is currently planning a season of. Alternatively, her work could be compared to the playful rebelliousness of early Francois Ozon (See the Sea, Under the Sand) or the confrontational sexual politics of Catheine Breillat (A Real Young Girl, Virgin/Junior Size 36). However, Louise has a unique approach for tying in these themes of pre and post-sexual awakening and naturalistic exploration of the world and one’s body within it, with verve and authenticity unlike anything of recent times. Her cinematic approach is un-romanticised, and unwavering - making this writer-director a martyr of the modern female gaze.


An exhibition, featuring written & photographic work and development material, provided by Louise Marie Cooke and Freyja Films will be on display during in the cinema’s gallery - The Corridor, across the weekend.

PROGRAMME - (TITLE | Running Time in Minutes) -

Saturday 21st September & Sunday 22nd September 2019: 2pm - 4pm

14:00 - TRACKS | 9" - Noah and Holly come together to deal with the loss of their childhood friend; haunted by the past, Noah struggles to move on.

14:10 - FIRST BITE | 11" - Eve is a girl full of emotions trapped by the world around her, longing to break free. Then she meets Jake and her world begins to open up around her leading her down a seemingly dangerous path of self-discovery.

14:20 - SIREN | 23" - A story of lust and desire, of identity and sexuality. A young woman’s mundane life is turned upside down when she meets a sensuous older Spanish woman, who is passing through the sleepy English coastal town she lives in.

14:45 - INTERVAL | 15"

15:00 - ALICE: A SOCIAL MEDIA JOURNEY | 14" - Is there more to a person than collected words and images? A very sociable person, Alice has used her many social media accounts as a visual scrapbook of her life – the highs and lows, the happiness and heartache. But what do these collected words and images really say about Alice and her real life. The documentary is made up entirely of words, images and videos collected from Alice’s various social media accounts across the period of January 2010 to March 2014.

15:15 - PILLOW TALK | 8" - A coming of age film about best friends Cara and Lucy set in 1993. Lucy suspects that Cara has feelings for girls rather than boys and she is determined to get the truth out of her. Even at the risk of damaging their friendship.

15:25 - BREATHE | 15" - Following a tragic accident, two damaged souls find each other in a dark, messed up situation. Isobel, a lonely young woman, is deeply affected when she witnesses her neighbour knocked from his bike by a van. Hours later in the dark hours of the morning she finds herself back at the scene of the accident, unable to sleep. There, she meets her neighbour's brother; and the two spend the evening together in an attempt to soothe the guilt and grief each feels.

15:40 - CONFESSIONAL | 4" - A teenage Catholic girl has been dreaming of 'unnatural passions' and feels she must confess to her school priest. As she stumbles over her carefully prepared speech, choking on words that do not ring true, she learns the delicious joy of owning her desires.


The screenings on Sunday (22nd Sept.) will be followed by a Q&A with Louise Marie Cooke from 4 - 4:30pm.

*Doors Open 1.30pm*
*Screening Starts 2.00pm*

Earlier Event: September 18
Later Event: September 21