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FANNY AND ALEXANDER (1982) - Theatrical Cut - Bergman Season



• year: 1982

• country: Sweden

• run-time: 188 min

rating: 12A

£6 (£4.50 conc.)

Doors 7:00PM – Film 7:30PM

7:30pm – 10:45pm

As children in the loving Ekdahl family, Fanny and Alexander enjoy a happy life with their parents. With the unexpected death of their father however, the siblings find themselves in a bleak, joyless home with their mother Emilie and her new bishop husband. The situation intensifies as the bishop becomes more controlling, before dedicated relatives make a valiant attempt to aid Emilie, Fanny and Alexander. An engrossing story about myth, magic, family and power. Rich, opulent, transcendental. A must for all art-house fans!

Directed by Ingmar Bergman

At the end, I was subdued and yet exhilarated; something had happened to me that was outside language, that was spiritual, that incorporated Bergman's mysticism; one of his characters suggests that our lives flow into each other's, that even a pebble is an idea of God, that there is a level just out of view where everything really happens. - Roger Ebert