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IT'S NOT HER SIN (1959) - Korean Cinema Echoes

  • dir. Shin Sang-ok
  • year. 1959
  • country. South Korea
  • run-time. 104 mins
  • rating. n/a


Deptford Cinema is proud to collaborate with the Korean Cultural Centre UK to bring you incredible cinema. Once a month, we'll screen a gem picked by KCC. And it's completely free!

After a tiny break we are back with an incredibly rare treat: 1959 classic IT'S NOT HER SIN.

Produced during the ‘golden age’ of Korean cinema, It’s Not Her Sin tells the story of Seong-hui, wife of the diplomat Baek Sang-ho. After shooting at her husband’s mistress, Yeong-suk, Seong-hui is arrested by the police. With the media reporting a love triangle between the three, Yeong-suk is called in for questioning. With a prosecutor and Baek Sang-ho in attendance, Yeong-suk begins to talk about her past and her relationship with Seong-hui.

With a plot echoing Korean noir films of the 1950s, It’s Not Her Sin offers a more nuanced understanding of womanhood and its circumstances. What would at first glance seem to be another entry into the ‘femme fatale’ genre, Seong-hui is instead presented as a victim of circumstance, rather than an agent of her own demise.