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EARTH (1978) - Korean Cinema Echoes

  • dir. Kim Ki-young
  • year. 1978
  • country. South Korea
  • run-time. 125  mins
  • rating. 15
  • FREE

It's 2018 - Korean Cinema Echoes is back!

Once a month, in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Centre, we proudly hold free screenings of classic and contemporary films from the peninsula. To kick off our 2018 season (April to September), we are delighted to show a late 70s gem from one of Korea most revered auteurs: Kim Ki-young's EARTH.

Heo Sung, the son of a revered revolutionary leader is rescued from a life of rural poverty in order to study Law in Seoul. Passing the bar exam, the young man rises to become head of the household he once served when he marries the homeowner’s fickle daughter, Jeong-son. When Heo Sung returns to the village of his youth and finds the poor farmers suffering abuse at the hands of the Japanese occupiers, the ideological young lawyer commits to staying in the village to help - defying the government in the process.

Doors Open 7.30pm
Programme Start 8pm
Online booking highly recommended