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BUNGEE JUMPING OF THEIR OWN (2001) - Korean Cinema Echoes





  • Director: Kim Dae-sung
  • Year : 2001
  • Country: South Korea
  • run-time. 107 mins
  • rating. 15
  • FREE

Doors Open 7.30pm
Programme Start 8pm
Online booking highly recommended

Once a month, in collaboration with the Korean Cultural Centre, we proudly hold free screenings of classic and contemporary films from the peninsula. We continue our 2018 season (April to September) with the unpredictable romance 'Bungee Jumping of Their Own' by director Kim Dae-sung, with superstar Lee Byung-hun.

In 1983, college freshman In-woo falls for fellow student Tae-hee. His relentless pursuit pays off when, during a hike, they declare their mutual love and decide to seal it with a bungee jump in New Zealand. At the moment of leaving Seoul, In-woo waits in vain at the station for Tae-hee, who never shows up.

Seventeen years later, In-woo - now a high school teacher with a family of his own - starts seeing idiosyncrasies of his former lover in a male student, and slowly becomes obsessed with him. As the mystery of who this boy might be unfolds, In-woo must deal with gay jibes and his own memories of Tae-hee to try and make sense of it all.

A powerful romantic drama that tries to answer the question: can love endure forever? Using a cyclical structure, Director Kim Dae-seung opens and closes his film following the course of a river, which suggests that love is never-ending, just as the current that never stops. He elevates love above and beyond classifications such as sexuality, boldly challenging notions of heterosexism and what constitutes the ‘norm’