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ARRIVAL (2016) + Sci-Fi Film Quiz - Sci-Fi Sundays


£6.00 (£4.50 conc.)

Doors 3:00pm

ARRIVAL (2016) - 3:30PM


Welcome to Sci-Fi Sundays at Deptford Cinema. Join us for an afternoon movie on the last Sunday of the month. With quarterly themes, our 2018/2019 programme delves into wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff, Earthly welcomes, post-Earths, new flesh and everything in between when it comes to our favourite Science Fiction cinema.

Alongside each screening we’ve organised a little something extra; quizzes, short-films, panel discussions and much more.

Our second theme of the year is CONTACT; who’s out there and what will happen when we meet them?


dir. Denis Villeneuve

year. 2016

country. USA

run-time. 116min

rating. PG


After alien spacecraft appear at various locations around the world, linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams) is brought in by the military to attempt communication. Geopolitical tensions rise as nations disagree on how to tackle the situation and Banks could be the only person that can understand the whole picture.

Arrival is another incredible film from one of the great blockbuster directors of our time; Denis Villeneuve, director of Prisoners, Sicario and possibly the most eagerly awaited sequel of all time, Blade Runner 2049. Arrival is another film within our Sci-Fi Sundays season that is not easily categorised, drawing on ideas from real-world politics relating to conflict, diplomacy and colonialism. It also engages with several classic sci-fi motifs and could quite happily sit under at least one of the other season’s sub-themes we have this year (those of you who’s seen the film before will know what we mean!).

Arrival is distinctive in combining a large-budget feel and stunning special effects with thoughtful direction and nuanced performances from its lead actors. In a similar way, the story told in Arrival plays out both on the grandest of scales and the most personal – as efforts to understand the nature of the alien invasion stall, tensions rise until world peace comes under threat, whilst at the same time Banks, struggling to understand her own responses to the situation, is engaged in private and personal conflict.

Arrival was justly awarded the Academy Award for Cinematography; beautifully shot by Bradford Young it’s aesthetic feels authentic and grounded. Describing the visual look of the film as “dirty sci-fi” Young sought to recreate the feeling, as director Villeneuve explained, that you had “when you were a kid on the school bus on a rainy day and you’d dream while looking out the window at the clouds.”



£2 per person

The famed Deptford Cinema film quiz is back and this time we are tackling Sci-Fi as part of the Sci-Fi Sundays season. We’ll try to be gentle!

A fully immersive film experience, our take on the pub quiz involves video clips and audio cues, digital pictionary, a trip to the voiceover booth and other and fun and games set in our cinema screen.

Teams of no more than four and the bar will of course be open and serving an extra special film themed quiz cocktail on the night.

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