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A SELF-INDUCED HALLUCINATION (2018) - Presented by Wavelength


A deep dive into the trash and treasure of a niche online subculture, Dan Schoenbrun mines a deep well of internet footage to retell the sinister online legend of Slender Man in a form that traces not just the history behind the myth but the web's limitless potential for hermetic cults and how they can shape our collective ideas around truth. Using a YouTube aesthetic to suggest new narrative and aesthetic structures, ASIH is also a testament to humanity's need for something that predates the internet: storytelling.

Special offer: purchase a joint ticket with THE PAIN OF OTHERS (showing at 8.40pm) for £8.50

With thanks to Dan Schoenbrun

Presented by Wavelength

T: @wavelengthdocs


  • year. 2018

  • country. USA

  • run-time. 74 mins

    Doors: 6.45PM

Film: 7.15PM

Tickets: £4.50

Hallucination dissects a collective consciousness born from primitive internet use that warped — with the helped of a modern horror icon — into something akin to religion.
— Polygon
A rigorous study on the ethical quandaries within internet culture... a clear-eyed, self-reflexive study on the democratisation of information and storytelling
— Vague Visages
All I’ll share about A SELF-INDUCED HALLUCINATION is this: it’s about the internet, and it’s quite strange
— Dan Schoenbrun