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POSSESSION (1981) - Scenes Season

Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani

Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani


Inspired by a project by Caroline Jupp to interview local audiences about their significant movie scenes, this season is celebrating a selection of these films from the iconic to the obscure.

Possession has been chosen as the first film in the programme for its harrowing scene in which Adajani’s character is possessed in a Berlin subway.

A Scenes publication, featuring the transcribed interviews, will be available to browse and purchase during the Scenes Season.

Possession is a French-German psychological horror drama written and directed by Andrzej Zulawski. The plot obliquely follows the relationship between a spy (Sam Neil) and his wife Anna (Isabelle Adjani), who begins to exhibit increasingly disturbing behaviour after asking him for a divorce. Possession is a deeply unsettling experience, an unsung masterpiece. Adajani's astonishing performance earned her Best Actress award at the Cannes Film Festival and the French Cesar. For many fans, Possession is one of the best cult films ever.

Andrzej Żuławski (22.11.1940 - 17.02.2016)

Born in the city of Lviv, Poland, now part of Ukraine, Zulawski studied film at the IDHC in Paris, France. He started his career working as an assistant for Polish director Andrzej Wajda. During his life he made thirteen feature films. His last film, Cosmos, won best director award in the Locarno film Festival 2015. His films are demanding, profound and intelligent as well as beautiful, unusual and extremely emotional. For Zulawski, cinema has to challenge as well as leave a mark on the viewer’s heart.

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  • STARRING: Isabelle Adjani, Sam Neill, Margit Carstensen, Heinz Bennent

  • France/Germany

  • 1981

  • 118 MINS

  • RATING – 18

  • English Subtitles 

Doors 7:00 PM

Film 7:30 PM

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A work of mind-melting ferocity and breathless originality
— Tom Huddleston, Time Out
An unsung masterpiece... the film that prefigures everything that’s in Antichrist
— Mark Kermode
No other filmmaker fuses hysteria and contemplation like Andrzej Żuławski ... Nearly every film he made is essential.
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This deep-cutting, biological cinema, delves into the guts to reach the soul
— Mondo Vision