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THE ECLIPSE (1962) - Love?

Monica Vitti and Alain Delon

Monica Vitti and Alain Delon


With Valentine’s Day making its imposing presence known in February, we are celebrating, commiserating, ridiculing and generally contemplating all types of Love with our month long season.

As the third film in Antonioni's trilogy about the fragility of relationships, The Eclipse unfolds in early 60s Rome, where translator, Vittoria (Monica Vitta) breaks up with her lover and begins a tentative affair with her mother's charming stockbroker Piero (Alain Delon). The plot is minimal and the cinematography is monochrome: what's extraordinary is how Antonioni creates and sustains the atmosphere of alienation, and the striking performances from the leading actors.

The Eclipse won the Special Jury Prize at the 1962 Cannes Film Festival and was nominated for the Palme d'Or.


    STARRING: Monica Vitti, Alain Delon, Francisco Rabal, Louis Seigner.

  • Italy

  • 1962

  • 126 MINS



Doors 7.00 PM

Film 7.30 PM

Michelangelo Antonioni

Michelangelo Antonioni

Monica Vitti was never more sensual than in the story of a young woman who embarks on a doomed affair with Alain Delon’s nervy stockbroker
— Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian
Don’t miss this chance to catch Michelangelo Antonioni’s modernist masterpiece.
— David Jenkins, Litlle White Lies
A classic of European cinema returns to the big screen, steeped in postmodern angst and loveless existential strife
— Time Out