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FREAKS (1932) AND DRACULA (1931) - Double Feature Picture Show

Double Feature Show.jpg

Freaks (1931) and Dracula (1932) double feature picture show and talk hosted by Creatues of the Night’s Paris Rivers.

Doors 7pm - Programme starts 7.30pm

Tickets £ 6.00 (£ 4.50 concessions)

Good evening! Creatures of the Night!

Tired of the standard fare of Game of Thrones and Riverdale?

Sick to death of poor writing, hokey acting and product placement?

Fear not my darlings! Prepare for an evening of classic 1930's horror with Freaks and Bela Lugosi's Dracula! A back to back double feature including a brief history of the production and background history of both motion pictures with a rather dashing and charming host… Come along if you dare... You just might enjoy yourself...

Tod Browning’s bizarre black comedy [Freaks] about a band of circus performers is a disturbing curio of old Hollywood that has lost none of its power to unsettle
— Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian
There have been many Draculas. But the one against which all others are measured is Bela Lugosi.
— Empire Magazine
Later Event: July 13