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MOONLIGHT (2016) - Blood on Earth: Films from the African and Caribbean Diaspora

  • DIR. Barry Jenkins

  • YEAR. 2016


  • RUN-TIME. 111 mins

  • RATING. 15

    £6.00 (£4.50 conc.)

    Doors 7.00PM

    Film 7.30PM

Winner of 3 Oscars, and just named the best film of the decade by IndieWire, Moonlight follows Chiron through the tribulations of his youth, his mother’s struggle with drugs, and his own struggle with his sexuality and identity. Barry Jenkins’s drama earnestly indulges in the rarely examined themes of Black masculinity and vulnerability, and the beauty and pain of the Black male gay experience in America through three vignettes tethered together by the passage of time.

Director Barry Jenkins has created a sublime, novelistic work of art by employing the specific in pursuit of the universal: Few will walk away from “Moonlight” untouched by its message.
— Wall Street Journal

Blood on Earth comprises a series of films embracing work which explores the human condition through stories from the African and Caribbean diaspora. The films showcased will cover feminist, LGBTQ+, class, and postcolonial dialogues, and in doing so bring a broad range of perspectives to the screen on a monthly basis.