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DAKAN / DESTINY (1997) - Framing Queers

£4.50 - concessions

  • dir. Mohamed CAMARA

  • year. 1997

  • country. France/Guinea

  • run-time. 87 mins

Known as the first queer feature from Sub-Saharan African actor Mohamed Camara’s directorial debut Dakan (meaning destiny) tells the story of Manga and Sory two young Guinean men deeply in love but caught in a society governed by regressive ideas and prejudice and rife with gossip and the pressure to fulfil one’s duty.

Starting as Manga attempts to come out to his parents who react first with disbelief and later by turning to witchdoctors in a desperate bid to rid their son of his homosexuality, the film unfurls as a restituted modern Romeo and Juliet tale of forbidden love and the destructive burden that family and societal expectations can place.

Premiering at the Directors Fortnight in Cannes Camara said of the intent behind making this dreamy romantic drama “I made this film to pay tribute to those who express their love in whatever way they feel it, despite society’s efforts to repress it.”

~~~~ Framing Queers manifesto ~~~~
The confrontational and joyous, trashy and high-minded, transgressive and sly, toe-curling and bone-chilling - Framing Queers sets out to screen and bring new audiences to queer and LGBT cinema in all its disruptive glory, in particular radical, global, and neglected work from throughout its history.

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