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GALILEO (1968) - Liliana CAVANI: 1966—1970

  • dir. Liliana CAVANI

  • year. 1968

  • country. Italy

  • run-time. 95 mins

“We live in an era of great moral confusion and absolute indifference toward any type of problems or principles. Ideals are dormant, if not dead; we have all abjured our ideals in order to continue living. Nobody would dare to climb on a pulpit and openly denounce the illness of our society. If he were to do so, he would be considered a fool. Why not, like Galileo, adhere to the “system,” fight it as much as necessary, try to eliminate its defects, and somehow manage to make our ideas triumph? This would be the equivalent of reaching an ideal of freedom.” — Liliana Cavani

In spite of the commercial success of Francesco d’Assisi, Cavani’s next film commission—a succinct, speedy rundown of the later life of scientist Galileo Galilei—was never broadcast, the devoutly Christian General Director of RAI, Ettirre Bernabei describing the film as both “revolutionary” and “scandalous,” simply suggesting: “Think what would have happened if we had aired it.” Quickly sold to a film distributor, and then screened at the 1968 Venice Film Festival, the film was immediately scrutinised and (ironically) censored, suppressed for both its depiction of the execution of excommunicated scientist-martyr Giordano Bruno and its treatment of Galileo’s relationship to his faith and to the Catholic Church. Starring Irish actor Cyril Cusack—as well as Francesco d’Assisi’s Lou Castel—Cavani’s Galileo charts the 1632 publication of ‘Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems’ and approaches psychedelia as it culminates, chronicling the inquisition and trial of Galileo. Free screening.

Galileo, 1968, dir. Liliana Cavani, 95min.
Screening as part of Liliana CAVANI: 1966 — 1970 | See also: Franco PIAVOLI: 1954 — 2016
With thanks to: Fondo Liliana Cavani, MEDIASET Group / RTI S.p.A.

Doors - 7.30pm

Film - 8.00pm