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Mielensäpahoittaja/The Grump (2014)- Nordic Film Nights

  • dir. Dome Karukoski

  • year. 2014

  • country: Finland

  • run-time. 102

  • rating. 12

£6.00 (£4.50 conc.)

Doors 19:00
Film 19:30

The Grump is a man from the past. A man who knows that everything used to be so much better in the old days. Pretty much everything that’s been done after 1953 has always manged to ruin The Grump’s day

Change is difficult. That's the first thing the Grump (Antti Litja) tells us, and although it's a sentiment often derided in the elderly, his feelings should really be quite understandable to viewers of any age. He loves his home, which he built with his own hands. He loves his work as a farmer. He loves his wife, whom he still cares for and feeds by hand even though she has severe dementia and lives in a care home, unaware of who he is. He isn't really grumpy about any of these things - he's just miserable that a leg injury forces him to go and stay in Helsinki with his daughter-in-law and face a world with which he is completely unfamiliar.

The film is touching as the two generations collide in often hilarious but mostly disastrous circumstances. The situations that the Grump finds himself are easily relatable-struggling to turn on a phone, getting frightened by an electric toothbrush- yet the misunderstanding goes both ways as the Grump is baffled by his son’s inability to chop wood or plough potato field.

“Overall, Karukoski’s film is a delight, layered with humour, melancholy, and a warning. We laugh at the Grump now, but one day he could be any one of us… “  James Fisher, The Upcoming

“Well-crafted light entertainment with more going on below the surface than most of its ilk, The Grump may be old fashioned but it's a pleasant little film which will have some viewers laughing out loud.” Jennie Kermode, Eye For Film

 “The comedy is often broad but the emotional upheavals become increasingly heartfelt in what ultimately emerges as a poignant exploration of loneliness, old age and the pitfalls and pleasures of remaining resolutely stuck in your ways.” Screen Daily.