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BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN (1925) - Royal Wedding


Deptford Cinema does the Royal Wedding

Escape it all with our mini-festival of punk movies. From Battleship Potemkin to The Death of Louis XIV, we chart almost a hundred years of filmmaking resistance to the monarchy. 

BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN (Sergei Einstein, 1925)

A landmark of twentieth-century cinema and astonishing piece Soviet propaganda that culminates in one of the most dramatic and most frequently referenced sequences in film memory.

Fed up with the extreme cruelties of their officers and their maggot-ridden meat rations, the sailors aboard Battleship Potemkin stage a violent mutiny. This then sparks a citizens' revolt against the Czarist regime. 

year. 1925
country. USSR
run-time. 66mins

cert. PG

£6 (£4.50 conc.)
Doors 15.30
Film 16.00