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  • dir. Kumut Imesh & David Fedele

  • year. 2018

  • country. France, Ghana, Togo

  • run-time. 1h 15min

£6.00 (£4.50 conc.)

Doors 18:30  Film 19:00

Part of London Migration Film Festival 2018

Before I Forget (short) will shown before Revenir

Revenir follows Kumut Imesh, a refugee from Ivory Coast now living in France, as he returns to the African continent and attempts to retrace the same journey that he himself took when forced to flee civil war in his country… But this time with a camera in his hand. 

A controversial film experiment, a courageous journey, and a unique collaboration between filmmaker and refugee - which is not without its consequences.

BEFORE I FORGET: If you could no longer return to the place where your memories were made, would you still recall them in the same way? Razan Hassan takes us with her onto an autobiographical journey trying to use her only record of the past - family videos from an old tape recorder - while she is trying to forge a new identity following her displacement from Syria.

Director: Razan Hassan

Length: 11 min

Country: Netherlands, Syria

Earlier Event: December 2
Later Event: December 4
LIFE DRAWING at Deptford Cinema