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  • run-time. 1h 40min

£6.00 (£4.50 conc.)

Doors 17:15  Films 17:30

Part of London Migration Film Festival 2018

Royal Cafe / One Cambodian Family / Together Apart

A triple bill of shorts considering the boundaries of community and how being a migrant woman may shift those boundaries. Looking in, carrying it with you, catalysing change, making your own - ‘community’ is an amorphous idea. These films consider it in turns goofy and subtle, bittersweet and sardonic - these films play wonderfully off one another!

ROYAL CAFE: A Swiss-Tibetan filmmaker moves to Paris, where she wants to make a film about the local Tibetan community. She starts hanging out at Royal Cafe, where she meets people with different backgrounds and experiences of being part of the Tibetan diaspora.

Director: Tenzin Dazel & Rémy Caritey

Length: 39min

ONE CAMBODIAN FAMILY PLEASE FOR MY PLEASURE: A refugee from Czechoslovakia has settled down in the US. As she hears about Cambodians refugees fleeing a dictatorship, she wants to step in and sponsor a Cambodian family so that they can move into her community.

Director: A. M. Lukas

Length: 13min

TOGETHER APART: Guil Ann, a 25 year-old woman from the Philippines, follows her mother Carren’s footsteps to work as a live-in domestic helper in Cyprus. Having lived apart for most of their lives, mother and daughter are reunited for the first time in years - only to be separated again when Carren gets arrested by the Cypriot immigration police.

Director: Maren Wickwire

Length: 57min