WADJDA (2012) + MAMA AGATHA (2015) (SHORT) - I Want to Ride My Bicycle!


  • year. 2012
  • country. SAUDI ARABIA
  • run-time. 97min
  • rating. PG + F-RATED


  • year. 2015
  • country. NETHERLANDS
  • run-time. 16min
    • rating. U

£5.00 (£3.50 conc.)

Doors 6:30PM - Film 7:00PM

The first film to be made in Saudi Arabia, and the first by a woman, Haifaa al-Mansour’s coming-of-age story Wadjda was a big hit with audiences and critics. Shot entirely on location, the film centres on fun-loving Wadjda, a 10 year girl desperate to buy a bike so she can beat boys in her neighbourhood at cycle races. When she is forbidden by her mother - afraid of repercussions in a society where a bike might be seen as compromising a girl’s virtue, the rebellious Wadjda hatches an enterprising plan to buy the bike herself, raising the money by entering a local Qur’an-reading competition that offers a cash prize. A film that charms and surprises, Wadjda – often compared to Bicycle Thieves, The White Balloon and The Apple - offers a spirited view of one girl’s determination to do things her own way. 

+ Mama Agatha

Once a week in Amsterdam, a group of migrant women learn how to ride a bicycle. Inspiring them to let go of their fears and get on the road is a Ghanaian woman with a larger-than-life personality - Mama Agatha. A heart-warming documentary short about the freedom of riding a bicycle, this documentary short follows Agatha and her students - women from Pakistan, Morocco, Somalia and China - on their cycling journey.

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