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GUMMO (1997) - Harmony Korine Weekender


Xenia, Ohio. A tornado has destroyed more than half the small town killing the same amount of residents. Solomon and Tummler, two bored teenage boys, try to fulfill their nihilistic lives killing cats, sniffing glue, and meeting friends. One of them is a mute skateboarder who walks around town wearing pink rabbit ears, playing an accordion. Gummo, written and directed by a very young Korine in 1997, was called the worst movie of the year by New York Times. Since then, the film has become a cult classic and gained many fans around the world.

HARMONY KORINE is a non-conformist rebel and highly original filmmaker. He gained recognition at the young age of 19 when wrote the shocking screenplay for Larry Clark's Kids (1992). In 1996 he went on to direct his own film, controversial debut - Gummo. At Telluride Film Festival, some people walked out after the first minutes of screening, calling the film disgusting. Werner Herzog, also in the audience, commented: "I've just seen your film, you're a foot soldier in the army" and called Korine "the future of the American cinema."

Korine's films focus on the inhabitants of a poor, excluded society ignored by the mainstream, such as demoralized, lost teenagers, lonely kids, sociopathic elders, unhappy impersonators. His affection and empathy for these figures is sincere, enabling the audience to fall in love with strange characters who would normally be difficult to identify or empathize with.

He created one of the most recognizable and unique aesthetics, full of surreal absurdity. Korine has always been committed to shifting the emphasis from what the story is about, to the way it is told. He said: "I love film without traditional narrative restrictions. What a movie looks like after a bottle of tequila and a cap of ecstasy." Korine is still working in America, most recently on the comedy, The Beach Bum, with Matthew McConaughey.


  • STARRING: Linda Manz, Max Perlich, Jacob Reynolds, Chloë Sevigny, Jacob Sewell, Nick Sutton
  • US
  • 1997
  • 89 MINS
  • RATING – 18


Doors 7:30PM

Film 8:00PM

 Harmony Korine

Harmony Korine

Gummo, which – if you love it, loathe it or are indifferent towards it – is a film which appears cheerily immune to the ravages of time. And that is part of its essential beauty.
— David Jenkins, Little White Lies
When I saw a piece of fried bacon fixed to the bathroom wall in Gummo, it knocked me off my chair. Korine’s a very clear voice of a generation of filmmakers that is taking a new position.
— Werner Herzog
The effect is as horribly funny as it is depressing, but gets pretty hard to take after a while, especially for anyone who is a committed cat-lover.
— Kim Newman, Empire Magazine
Harmony Korine Season.jpg
Harmony has reminded us that a film is only truly independent when it does exactly what it wants to do
— Antek Walczak, Index Magazine