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The Borneo Case (2017) – DC Humanitarian Season


In The Borneo Case, documentary filmmakers Erik Pauser and Dylan Williams spend five years intimately following the trail of an unlikely group of activists whose aim is to investigate how profits from the illegal logging that has annihilated more than 90% of the Malaysian Borneo Rainforest, have been money laundered into property portfolios all around the world.

The group, made up of an exiled tribesman, a historian, an investigative journalist and a flamboyant DJ overcome death threats and intimidation in their efforts to unravel what has been dubbed “the Greatest Environmental Crime in History” (ex British Prime Minister Gordon Brown).

One of the weapons of the group is to start an illegal pirate radio station called Radio Free Sarawak. In a country where the government has complete control of the media, the radio station allows them for the first time to inform the people about what is really going on.

The Borneo Case is a hair-raising thriller that brings to light crimes
of an enormous scale and moral decadence, told through personal stories
of friendship, love, revolution and engagement. Its main characters
couldn't have been better written in a fiction film”.
Camilla Larsson Sydsvenskan

 The Borneo Case is a modern day thriller building upon unique material filmed over 25 years, that tells the epic tale of how the Rainforest was transformed from the home of the last nomads into a land stripped of its natural resources. A story that reveals how billions of dollars of illegal profits solicited by the Chief Minister of Sarawak, the Malaysian part of Borneo, were money laundered with the assistance of the largest global banks into offshore accounts and property portfolios all over the world”  


Release date: 2017

Director: Erik Pauser and Dylan Williams

COUNTRY: Germany/Norway/Sweden/UK