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PEEP SHOW - An Appreciation


Ticket prices and schedule below

Join us on our Croydon odyssey as we re-live the highs and lows of the El Dude brothers.

Deptford Cinema is proud to host the (potentially) first dedicated evening to all things Peep Show. For one night only, we are transforming our beloved community cinema into a parallel universe where all Hanses are super, an in-depth knowledge of Stalingrad will win you a dose of Johnson's man love, and you're sure to find The One (maybe). Pay homage to Fluffy, apply for the job of your dreams at JLB and get lost (if you dare) in Super Hans' NYE party. 

A fully stocked bar (with a few Moroccan 'delights') and some edible Peep Show classics will help the night go as swimmingly as Project Zeus.

For those having a Four Naan Blowout (see below) in the cinema downstairs, we will also be showing the complete first series, as well as hosting a Q&A with the supremely talented director of that series Jeremy Wooding. But don't worry, if you're not lucky enough to have get a ticket to this screening, all episodes will be screened on a TV upstairs (Two Naan Takeout option below).

After a brief Rainbow Rhythm interlude, the music will turn up and the afterparty will kick in.

See you there!


6pm: Apollo House opens
7pm to 8:30pm: Screening of Episodes 1-3
8:30pm to 9pm: Short Break
9pm - 9.30pm: Q&A with Season 1 director Jeremy Wooding
9:30pm to 11pm: Screenin of Episodes 4-6
11pm - 11:05pm: Rainbow Rhythms
11:05pm - 2am: Afterparty
2am: Last tram back to Croydon


1) Four Naan Blowout - NOW SOLD OUT!!

You've done a bit of work for Gog and he's given you an advance whilst he reviews it. In other words, you're flush. Treat yourself to the full package, including access to Apollo House, the cinema screening, director Q&A, Rainbow Rhythms and the after party.

£10 / £8.50 concessions - SOLD OUT!!

2) Two Naan Takeout - 

Gog's heard your work and he now thinks it's a bit sh*t. Scale back and forgo the cinema experience and Q&A but enjoy unrestricted access to Apollo House, a TV feed of the episode screenings and the after party. It will still be outrageous and contageous.

£5 / £3.50 concessions


Peep Show Series 1, an Objective Media Group production for Channel Four Television, © Channel Four Television  Corporation

Peep Show DVD Boxset is available to buy from all good retailers