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SEWOL (2016) + Q&A with director Ok-Hee Jeong - NEW CROSS + DEPTFORD FREE FILM FESTIVAL


No Ticket Required - First Come First Served

  • dir. OK-HEE JEONG
  • year. 2016
  • country. GERMANY
  • run-time. 80mins
  • rating. 15

Q & A with Director Ok-Hee Jeong

The passenger ferry 'Sewol' sank in South Korea on the 16th of April 2014, killing 304 people, including 250 high school children. No coordinated rescue attempt was mounted. As the relatives of the victims fight for a thorough and independent investigation, they find themselves at odds with an uncaring government and hostile news media.

This film observes the lives of the Sewol families: their grief, and their efforts to bring improvements in a nation whose democracy is faltering under a corrupt presidency.