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MAUVAIS SANG 'Bad Blood/The Night Is Young' (1986) - Slices of French Cinema

  • dir. LEOS CARAX
  • year. 1986
  • country. FRANCE
  • run-time. 2h 5min
  • rating. 18

£5.00 (£3.50 conc.)

Doors 19:00 - Film 20:00

Mauvais Sang (Bad Blood), also known as The Night Is Young follows Leo Carax's acclaimed 1984 first film Boy Meets Girl.

Thriller with a breath of science-fiction, Mauvais Sang begins with the murder of Jean, a thief whose skills have yet to be matched. In order to settle a debt to the one they refer to as ‘the American’ and who they suspect is behind the murder, Marc and Hans, two former colleagues of the deceased call upon his son Alex and his talent as a conjurer to replace him in their scheme: he is to help them steal the vaccine against a new virus that condemns those who make love without being in love to agony before death. A futuristic Paris under the oppressive heat released by Halley’s comet is the scene of the intrigue and of Alex’s tortured wanderings between childhood and adulthood, and between two women.

Constellation of references, cinematography, performances, shapes, movement, uncertainty, allegories, states of being…the whole is a genuine poetic ensemble.


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