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THE FASHION PACK - Between the lines: drawings by Anthony McAndrew CLOSING PARTY

Looking at Anthony McAndrew’s drawings is like going on a little journey inside his metropolitan sketchbook, in which all the drawings are our fellow travelers. The scribbling, momentary glimpses, captured in transit, tell us a story about the anonymous,  beautiful, faces of city life. In these quirky, spontaneous drawings, an outline of a person begins to form, moving from soft focus into a sharply defined portrait of someone sat opposite us in a café, it’s the impression of an urban expression, drawn in a matter of moments. The speedy hand that preserves these likenesses is adept at seizing the moment, of turning a sketch into a smile. McAndrew is the chronicler of his manor, working with an economy of line, soon a whole group of society begins to form in pocket sized books, to be worked from memory into larger ink drawings at a later stage. The vitality and urgency of McAndrew’s recording of his fleeting encounters with people, as he goes about his travels, makes these drawings all the more captivating and mysterious. Moving beyond mere depictions of urban citizens, they provide tiny details about changing fashions, and act as snapshots in which his eye is a camera recording in graphite, ballpoint, and felt tip ink, the curious and attractive diversity inherent in other people’s faces. 

Later Event: November 25