Minutes 25/09/17

Date: 9/24/2017

Minute-Taker: Sam Taylor

Facilitator: Slav SS

Attendees: Slav, Sam, Lily, Sandra, Marion, Maira, Carlos, Laura, Hugo, Sami, Jake, Marta, Joey

Discussion: - Migration Collective/London Migration Film Festival 30th Nov - 3rd Dec (2nd and 3rd at DC)
Slots already booked into the calendar. More venues this, Migration Museum in Vauxhall, Ritzy and Gensis as well as DC.

Split tickets with DC, same arrangement as last year.

- Local Ward Concessions
Suggestion to end local ward concessions as we've used the initial funding to support this level of concessions. Somebody needs to take ownership of searching out funds. ACTION POINT, put Hugo and Jessica in contact.

Agreed that we've exhausted this concession, set 1st of of January as end, advertise this.

- Building Session
Book a building weekend for December or earliest possible.
- Access
Stairlift suggestions, possible gumtree advert. Marion and Hugo to look into fundraising/gumtree/installation. Improving the access to other communities through outreach and inviting other programmers.
- Merchandise
Mugs & Tote bags as a starting point. Slav to find a place to get mugs printed that can be sold behind the bar aswell as used behind the bar. Organise a screen printing session to do a load of tote bags.
- Finance Update
£600 of licenses to be paid. Raising the ticket prices by a pound has made the healthy improvement to the cinema's finances. Patron scheme is going well with 29 patrons and around £1000 raised so far. Suggestion to have an official well known patron, Carlos to contact Glenda Jackson.
- Halloween Weekend
4 films in total. OPEN CALL FOR HALLOWEEN PROPS AND DECORATIONS. Marta running a screening on the 23rd and ask for people to help decorate for the Halloween week covering all the events until the 31st. When decorating Sam asks that people take care to make sure the cinema isn't damaged in the process as the ceiling was damaged after the fundraising event on the 23rd.
- Christmas
- Patron Party

Groups Split Into: Didn't break out

Feedback and Tasks: N/A

Sam Taylor